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Our One Year Guarantee

For your piece of mind, we give a one year guarantee on all jewellery purchased from us which covers you for problems which have occurred due to a fault with the piece.

For example;

  • Shortly after a ring adjustment a stone has fallen out due to sizing.
  • There are no signs of damage to the piece but a stone has fallen out.
  • Split sizing solder join with no indication of damage to the piece elsewhere.

Our guarantee does not cover accidental damage caused during wear, and advise our customers to insure their jewellery against accidental damage. However, we offer the most competitive repair price to all our customers for items bought from us.

Examples of accidental damage:

  • Stone is missing and there is visible damage- signs of knocks, misshapen metal work, missing or knocked claws.
  • Damage due to general wear- if a ring, for example, is not cleaned regularly general dirt can clog behind the setting and push out stones.


Caring for Your Jewellery

How you plan to wear your jewellery is important to its care and preventing damage. The only piece we say can be worn 24 hours a day, every day, is a simple wedding band with no stones, and over a lifetime it is extremely likely a piece will need to visit a jeweller at some point. However, there are simple things you can do at home to reduce potential damage to your piece.

  • Keep jewellery clean as dirt can build up and push out stones.
  • If you have a claw setting check the amount of claws regularly and if they are catching a simple claw check from us could prevent a stone from falling out before it happens.
  • Take off your chains and necklaces for sleeping.
  • Consider removing your jewellery at any point where it is vulnerable to knocks or pressure e.g. when at the gym, doing housework, gardening and sport.
  • Take out precious earrings when showering or bathing.

We love to see our past customers and past pieces so please pop in and we can check your claws for free.